Online e-learning Moodle platform containing: the 6 modules, translated in 6 languages (EN, RO, IT, TR, GE, CZ), Tests (such as learning styles inventory, Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment, Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire, Values, Political attitude, How Entrepreneurial are YOU?, What job is right for you? The Belbin test for assessing team roles, skills level, Citizenship Quiz, Culture Notes -- Different Customs In Different Cultures, Take the senses challenge, Sustainable development awareness), a Video collection containing various learning materials on media support, quizzes, tasks for self-learning paths.

The six modules presented in this platform:
Module 1: Interpersonal and Social Communication 
Module 2: Learning to Learn 
Module 3: Social and civic competencies
Module 4: Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
Module 5: Cultural awareness and expression
Module 6: Sustainable development and ethical values

Each section of each of the six modules shows a specific item with the aid of images and key words. They are short and focused.
You can use all of them or a part of them in your training courses, as preferred. 
They can be usable within specific VET courses, but also as a preface in other different courses, as a support for motivating trainees to learn.
They keep the information in your course focused and relevant, with a minimum of extraneous detail. 
Contents are “chunked” into small, digestible bites of information. 
By clicking on the section title, you will give to the system the input to start the lesson itself.

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