TRAIning Transversal - Blended learning Toolkit

Blended learning course TRAIT on developing the selected 6 transversal skills (a modules structured course, on predetermined templates). The Toolkit will contain 3 different combined approaches and therefore three different sub-outputs:

A. Online e-learning platform containing: tests (such as communication tests, learning styles inventory, entrepreneurship skills level, sustainable development awareness), various learning materials on media support (videos, ppt, Prezi, etc.), wide variety of evaluation items, quizzes, tasks for self-learning paths. The platform will be also a Virtual Learning Environment which will help connect trainers with learners- at national and at European level- without physically being present, thus making this a 'Virtual Cafe'.

B. Training Material - Manual of Transversal Skills (theories, structures of the transversal skills, key concepts, approaches, examples, best practices and experiments, glossary, index of online materials for more reading, etc.) The manual will ensure consistency in the presentation of the training program. All the training information on skills, processes, and other information necessary to complete the training are together in one place. The manual will be a self-paced guide: designed for trainees/learners to work through on their own.

C. Face-to-face Training Material - will include methods and techniques to apply the key concepts of the 6 transversal skills in direct workshops with the learners (games, group-dynamic techniques, team projects, learning paths, practical exercices, etc.). This material will be used more by the trainers and therefore will use a specific language and a complexity level dedicated to trainers/teachers implementing the course.