Transversal Skills Research (TSR)

The research analysis on how the selected 6 transversal skills ;Interpersonal and social communication, Learning to learn, Social and civic competence ,Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Cultural awareness and expression, Sustainable development and ethical values are represented in the work-field, aimed to rank them on the importance, relevance, existence of available trainings and trainers for the employees, etc.

The purpose of this research is to gain perspectives from employers, training organizations and relevant postsecondary administrators on transversal skills knowledge and practices,   asking them questions about the importance of transversal skills, specific transversal skills priorities and transversal skills deficiencies. The major findings will help trainers involved in the TRAIT project to improve understanding of the essential needs in developing the blended learning TRAIT course (IO2) in direct relation with the European workforce development system.

We estimate that we will have significant information on the fact that transversal skills are at least as important as tehnical skills for entry level employees and that transversal skills are a better predictors of adult success (salaries, graduation rates, home ownership) than technical skills. Also we estimate that some transversal skills are considered more critical – and more lacking –than others and there are key differences among industry/economical sectors in desired transversal skills. Finally, the research will offer ideas and information on transversal skills development best practice and assessments and the potential approaches in designing patterns to develop them.